February 2022 news: USA e-NVH tour, conference participation, measurement workshop

USA e-NVH tour

Our e-NVH Engineer Karine Degrendele will travel to the USA in April 2022, more specifically, in the broader Michigan area from April 8 to April 20, and to the West Coast from April 21 to April 29.

This is a great opportunity to meet her in person and make a general point on your e-NVH topics, such as testing, simulation, training, and more. It would be her pleasure to advise you here and possibly suggest suitable service offers from EOMYS.
Of course, she would also be able to demonstrate the latest version of Manatee software for the simulation, analysis and reduction of magnetic noise & vibrations in electrical machines.

If you are interested, please contact Anne Trummer for the set-up of such a meeting.

During her trip to the USA, Karine will also collaborate with HBK to organize a 2-day in-person seminar about “Root Cause Analysis of Noise and Vibration in Electrical Machines”, held on April 13th-14th in HBK office in Canton, MI.

The purpose of this technical workshop is, on the one hand, to familiarize with the acoustic signature of electric motors (day 1) and on the other hand, to apply more advanced techniques to troubleshoot and reduce the noise of electric motors (day 2).

This topic addresses all engineers involved in the development of electrical machines with NVH requirements.

All along the development life cycle of electrical systems, simulation and experiments are required to fully control their e-NVH behaviour. EOMYS and HBK are pleased to work together on this detailed live workshop.

Conference participation in 2022

In 2022, we are delighted to be present at several international conferences. We look forward to having insightful contacts and conversations! Several papers are in progress and at some exhibitions, we will be available to welcome you at our own booth.
We are also preparing specific tutorials and Manatee software workshops, so keep an eye on your e-mail box over the next few months to be informed in time for the appropriate event.

2022 WCX™ World Congress Experience, on 5th-7th April 2022 in Detroit, Michigan, USA.

12th International Styrian Noise, Vibration and Harshness Congress 2022, on 22nd-24th June in Graz, Austria.

Speedam Meeting 2022, on 22nd-24th June in Sorrento, Italy.

ICEM 2022 Conference, on 5th-8th August in Valencia, Spain.

2022 Leuven Conference on Noise and Vibration Engineering (ISMA2022), on 12th-14th September in Leuven, Belgium.

31st Aachen Colloquium Sustainable Mobility 2022, on 10th-12nd October, in Aachen, Germany.

e-NVH measurement workshop March 29

You can see here below two spectrograms of the vibration velocity measured on the stator of an electric motor during a runup. In both cases, the data acquisition parameters are identical, only the spectrogram post-processing differs.

Does the second spectrogram have an ower time or frequency resolution? Which parameter should be modified to improve the second spectrogram?

If you wonder how to do this kind of plot with your acquisition software, please note that the registration for our next e-NVH measurement workshop planned for March 29 in English language at EOMYS office in Lille, France is still open.