January 2023 news: Manatee on-demand, extended trial licenses, software development news

Manatee e-NVH software news

On-demand licenses

From January 2023, Manatee software is now available as an on-demand license, complementary to leasing and perpetual licensing options. 

Because some potential Manatee software users may only need to evaluate and control magnetic noise and vibrations during a one-time development, this on-demand option allows you to order a certain number of 24H activations of Manatee collaborative e-NVH CAE platform. 

On-demand licensing can be provided as follows: 

• Package of at least 20 activations

• One activation valid during 24H

• 1 to 6 months activation period

On-demand licenses can help engineers work together on e-NVH design iterations through different companies in different countries. Besides, their lower cost may help to go through a different, shorter internal validation process. 

More information on Manatee licensing options can be found on our Manatee website.  

Extended Trial licenses

Also brand-new since January 2023, we offer free trial licenses of Manatee software which allow to evaluate the level of magnetic noise and vibrations on a user-defined electrical machine at variable speed, without any limitations on the simulation workflows adapted to different design stages, neither on the post-processing of results.

The free trial license allows you to draw your own electric machine under Manatee GUI and helps you to evaluate the e-NVH behavior of your electrical machine using the most accurate e-NVH models of Manatee (non-linear magnetic FEA combined with modal basis import of a 3D FEA mechanical model of the electric drive unit). All post-processing tools designed to quickly troubleshoot noise and vibration issues are available in the free trial version.

Request your trial license.  

New features and planned release in February 2023

New features developed during the last weeks include Order Tracking as a function of frequency.

Additionally, we are also planning an important release for February, which will include the following features: 

  • Harmonic Current Injection solution
  • possibility to add curretn harmonics in DQH or ABC frame
  • Multi-Objective Optimization module

Are you interested in a brief discussion so see how Manatee could be integrated to your current simulation workflow? We would be pleased to have a personal discussion with you!

Please contact us by e-mail to fix a meeting. 

On-site technical training is back!

Our e-NVH training is finally back on-site and the first session for this year is planned for May 2023, 23-25, in Lille, France. Our office is ideally located 5mn away from an hotel.

The whole team of EOMYS is very happy to offer training in direct contact again because face-to-face conversations are precious to us. Detailed information can be found on our training website, where you can also register. For any question or request for a quote, please get in touch with us directly. 

Starting a new Ph.D. thesis at EOMYS

EOMYS launches a new e-NVH industrial Ph.D. in collaboration with the French Laboratory of Vibro-Acoustics (LVA) directed by Jérôme Antoni. The purpose of this new research work, led by Ph.D. student Salome Wanty, is to investigate how different switching strategies change the sound quality of electric drives. Testing, modeling, and simulation using Manatee software are planned.

A new industrial PhD thesis in Electrical Engineering focusing on the development of new electromagnetic models is planned for September 2023 – contact us if you would like to apply.