July 2022 news: Manatee V2.2.2 release, brand-new e-NVH website, ICEM conference

Manatee software latest release

At the beginning of July a new release of Manatee software has been published. The version V2.2 addresses some challenges faced by acoustic / NVH engineers involved in the design of electrical systems, besides features for electrical and mechanical engineers. The following features have been added:

  • Notches both on stator and rotor (including dxf shape)
  • Parameter sweep on notches (dimensions and placement)
  • Improvement of Modal Basis import (translation and rotation)
  • PWM harmonics in Quick Campbell
  • New post-processing for load case contribution

All the features of Manatee software are presented on Manatee dedicated website

To give a glimpse at the upcoming release, we are now working on the integration of a new Operational Force Shape environment, which will be available for Manatee users soon.

Operational Force Shape environment of Manatee software


Brand-new e-NVH website

Eomys has launched a few days ago a brand new website demonstrating our different e-NVH services. With a more user-friendly navigation, all e-NVH solutions for efficient noise control of electrical machines are described here:

  1. Consulting services combining modeling, simulation and testing activities to efficiently troubleshoot and solve e-NVH problems at all design stages,
  2. Training offers organized either as standard or as customized technical trainings designed for electrical, mechanical, acoustic and test engineers,
  3. Testing services specialized in electrical systems vibro-acoustics.

This new website “e-NVH solutions by Eomys Engineering” is our new corporate address, where you will also get access to many other interesting and helpful information, such as technical articles, conference papers, but also posts about the team, our engagement, CSR, recruitment, and much more!

The corporate e-NVH page is completed by two other dedicated websites of Eomys:

All in all, three web sites that you should make a note of to discover the complete offer of Eomys! But only one address you can always go to for any question: contact@eomys.com. 


Technical article of the month

Where does switching noise come from? 

The latest technical article of our ongoing LinkedIn series presents the excitation harmonics induced by Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) in electrical drives, responsible for the “switching noise”. Manatee software Quick Campbell feature has been recently extended to PWM.

Quick Campbell PWM Manatee software


ICEM 2022

Eomys will be present at the next ICEM 2022, which will take place in Valencia, Spain, from September 5 to 8. 

At our own booth n°8 we will welcome you for discussions around noise control of electrical systems. Come with your own motor design, and together we will do some first live e-NVH simulations with Manatee! 

Besides, we will also give a tutorial on the topic of “Noise of electrical machines” (IV 2pm-4:30pm on September 5th, Jean Le Besnerais) as well as the presentation of a paper in the “Noise & Vibration issues” oral session n°1.