Oct 2022 news: Manatee 2.2.3, use case technical leads, feature external noise, best of LinkedIn

Manatee e-NVH software news

Manatee 2.2.3 release

Several key new features have been introduced in this new release of Manatee, a pioneering collaborative environment specialized in the assessment and control of magnetic noise and vibrations, designed for every engineer involved at all development stages of electrical systems:

  • modeling of Externally Excited Synchronous Machines (also called Wound Rotor Synchronous Machines, WRSM in Manatee)
  • modeling of IPMSM with non circular rotor bore radius or with different North & South poles
  • single speed simulation
  • Operational Force Shape 3D visualization
  • non-magnetic noise import to perform NVH analysis combining several noise sources

Focus feature: external noise import

External noise sources (for instance gear noise or aerodynamic noise, which are not produced by electromagnetic forces) can now be imported inside Manatee using different Excel-based templates to obtain a full picture of the electrical system acoustic signature. The resulting overall noise and order tracking analysis can be explored using Manatee postprocessing tools, including sound synthesis and sound quality metrics.
More information can be found on Manatee feature webpage.

Focus use case: Manatee for Technical Leads

Technical Leads have to drive a multidisciplinary engineering team to develop some  innovative electrical systems within some given budget and time limits. Each engineering department generally has its own special CAE software methodologies, and may not share the same vocabulary due to different backgrounds.

How can Manatee help reducing development times and prototyping costs?

  1. Manatee is not just another FEA tool, but a service that builds on existing FEA software to get the best out of them to assess and reduce e-NVH risks at every development stage, from basic design phase to serial production.
  2. Manatee is a collaborative environment with a user-friendly GUI designed for electrical, mechanical, acoustic and test engineers involved in the development of electrical systems.
  3. Manatee comes with customized training which allows all engineers to have a common understanding of the multiphysics behind e-NVH, and share the same language to work more efficiently together
  4. Manatee includes some standardized simulation workflows defined from the industrial experience of EOMYS engineering consultants over +150 projects, and Manatee algorithms have been designed based on +20 years of cumulated R&D.

Online technical training on e-NVH

Our next e-NVH online training session will take place in November. There are still places available! Here you can find all the important information and registration details. The full training is composed of 7 modules and the different training sessions are all over the month of November. 

If you do not need all modules, you can register for several modules separately and independently from the others. For any questions please feel free to contact us

Practical e-NVH measurement workshop is back!

Want to get hands-on during a one-day workshop on-site at Eomys, accompanied by Martin Glesser, one of our NVH R&D engineers? 

The visualisation of an electric motor deflection at different mechanical orders is insightful for e-NVH diagnosis. This can be achieved by performing an operating deflection shape (ODS) which requires only a few accelerometers. If you want to know more about this measurement technique, registrations for our next e-NVH one-day workshop in Lille, France are still open. 

For any further questions, just feel free to reach out

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