June/July 2023 news: Manatee release 2.2.5, 10 years Eomys, technical glossary, PhD thesis

Manatee e-NVH software news

Manatee 2.2.5 release

Manatee V2.2.5 comes with a new quick NVH model of stator lamination stack based on Beam Element Model (BEM). As fast as the previously developed cylindrical shell model, the BEM better describes tooth bending modes and interferences between radial and tangential magnetic forces. It can be used in early design phase of electrical machines when the mechanical integration of the stator is unknown. More information can be found on the Beam Element Model page of Manatee website.

The new version of Manatee also includes a rework of the winding definition GUI with new plots, as well as correction of several bugs.
The development team is now working on tutorials & documentation, as well as on batch mode version to allow calling Manatee from third party optimizer.

10th anniversary of EOMYS

Some days ago, we celebrated the 10th anniversary of EOMYS Engineering, spending a beautiful special day with the whole team. That’s the opportunity to thank all our customers for trusting such a small company with niche expertise during its early start in 2013.

10 years of Eomys, what does it mean? Well, the results are quite amazing:


+250 customers
+10 industrial sectors
+30 countries represented among our customers
+60 papers and conference presentations
+60,000 Manatee development hours
+40 e-NVH modules developed
+300 electrical machines simulated under Manatee
+1,500 hours of e-NVH & Manatee training
+600 e-NVH & Manatee training participants
+4 thesis supervised on e-NVH

On the road for the next 10 years engaged in solving e-NVH issues in electrical machines with Manatee software!

PhD thesis on e-NVH

Our Ph.D. student Sijie Ni has successfully presented his thesis on “Reduction of electromagnetic noise and vibrations in synchronous machines using passive damper winding”. He thus obtained his Ph.D. at the Université d’Artois. The abstract of the thesis is available but the full content will be accessible within 3 months.

Technical glossary

EOMYS has been working on a technical glossary and now offers on its website trilingual technical vocabulary (English, French, German) from two essential domains:

We welcome any suggestions of missing terms or corrections using our contact form

e-NVH technical trainings

We have two public training events on magnetic noise and vibrations left until the end of the year 2023. Book your place, the number of participants is limited.

The training content can be consulted on our training website