e-NVH in home appliances

Home appliances can include various types of electromagnetic excitations, resulting in magnetic noise and vibrations.

Consumer goods contain numerous electronic systems. They operate close from the users, in a low background noise environment. Their so-called electrical hum or buzz can therefore be heard more easily and may result in acoustic annoyances.

These products may include

  • compressors for refrigerators
  • electric motors for washing machines, cooking robots
  • heating and ventilation (HVAC) electric motors
  • electrified curtains electrical motors

Manatee simulation software allows to control the noise level of these components during their whole development cycle, from early design stage to system-level detailed design stage, including specialized e-NVH analysis and mitigation tools.

Complementary to Manatee, EOMYS Engineering can characterize vibro-acoustic issues with advanced electrical, vibration, acoustic and sound quality measurements, and implement suitable electrical, control or mechanical solutions. Regular technical trainings on e-NVH are also provided for electrical engineers, mechanical engineers, acoustic engineers and NVH test engineers.