e-NVH in automotive applications

Vehicle Noise, Vibration and Harshness (NVH) can involve electromagnetically-excited noise and vibrations, including magnetic noise induced by rotating electrical machines.

Internal Combustion Engine vehicles already come with many electrical systems. The development of Hybrid Electric Vehicles and Battery Electric Vehicles (HEV/BEV) and the replacement of hydraulic actuators by electrical actuators has further increased the presence of on-board electromechanical devices and passive electrical components. The removal of ICE has also significantly changed the acoustic signature inside the cabin. Besides automotive applications, noise problems can occur in higher power applications such as electric trucks and electric buses.

The following automotive components can vibrate and cause unpleasant acoustic noise due to electromagnetic forces (e-NVH issues):

  • electric traction motors or generators in electric powertrains and Electric Drive Units (EV/HEV)
  • starter alternators (BSG at P0 level)
  • e-booster (high speed electrical turbocharger)
  • electrified axles
  • e-motors used in ancilliaries
  • ABS drives and electric pumps
  • motors for electric power steering (EHPS), differential gears, e-clutch (electrified Dual Clutch Transmission)
  • steering motors for seat adjuster, head-rest, safety belt, sunroof
  • window lift motors, sliding roof drives, tailgate electric motors, wiper motors, door lock actuators, parking locks
  • motors for radiator cooling fan modules (CFM)

Manatee simulation software allows to control the noise level of these components during their whole development cycle, from early design stage to system-level detailed design stage, including specialized e-NVH analysis and mitigation tools.

Complementary to Manatee e-motor NVH virtual prototyping capabilities, EOMYS Engineering can characterize vibro-acoustic issues with advanced electrical, vibration and acoustic measurements and implement suitable electrical, control and mechanical solutions after manufacturing. Regular technical trainings on e-NVH are also provided.