e-NVH in industrial applications

In industrial applications, noise can be dominated by electromagnetically-excited noise and vibrations, and more especially noise and vibrations of electric machines. This can represent a health issue (e.g. workers working close to electric machinery) or a comfort issue (e.g. elevator motor noise annoying neighbouring inhabitants).

Noise and vibrations due to magnetic forces can be present in the following applications:

  • high power pumps (e.g. chemistry, oil & gas)
  • high power motors (e.g. mining, cement factories)
  • reciprocating compressors, scroll compressors
  • traction motors (e.g. elevators, conveyors)
  • electric pumps or electric fans

Manatee simulation software allows to control the noise level of these components during their whole development cycle, from early design stage to system-level detailed design stage, including specialized e-NVH analysis and mitigation tools.

Complementary to Manatee e-motor NVH virtual prototyping capabilities, EOMYS Engineering can characterize vibro-acoustic issues with advanced electrical, vibration and acoustic measurements and implement suitable electrical, control and mechanical solutions after manufacturing. Regular technical trainings on e-NVH are also provided.