[ICEM] Effect of Uneven Magnetization on Magnetic Noise and Vibrations in PMSM – Application to EV HEV Electric Motor NVH

AuthorsEmile Devillers; Paul Gning; Jean Le Besnerais;
StatusAccepted in ICEM 2020
Date23rd-26th August 2020
KeywordsElectrical machines, powertrain, e-NVH simulation, uneven magnetization


This paper studies the effect of uneven pole magnetization on acoustic noise and vibrations radiated by Permanent Magnet Synchronous Machines (PMSM) under Maxwell force excitations in open-circuit condition and on the full speed range. First, the effect of magnetic asymmetries is analyzed using analytic equations based on permeance / magnetomotive force. Then, electromagnetic, structural and acoustic calculations are performed using MANATEE software on a 48s8p Interior PMSM used in EV / HEV applications. To speed up calculations under asymmetrical conditions due to magnetization variations, Electromagnetic Vibration Synthesis algorithm is used. Simulation results show that uneven pole magnetization significantly affects airborne noise and vibrations, inducing low frequency noise and new resonances with structural modes which are not predicted by the GCD rule on pole/slot combination.

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