[ICEM] Effect of Mesh-to-Mesh Projection on the Magnetic Tooth Forces Calculation in Electrical Machines

AuthorsRaphaël Pile; Guillaume Parent; Yvonnick Le Menach; Jean Le Besnerais; Thomas Henneron; Jean-Philippe Lecointe
StatusAccepted in ICEM 2020
Date23rd-26th August 2020
Keywordselectrical machines, finite element, magnetic forces, mesh-to-mesh projection, vibrations.


Magnetic forces calculation for the electromagnetic noise and vibration analysis in electrical machines (eNVH) is a key issue for an accurate modelling of magneto-mechanical interactions. An accurate method to compute magnetic forces consists in applying Virtual Work Principle (VWP). However, the magnetic force result depends intrinsically on the electromagnetic mesh which is generally not adapted to perform mechanical simulations. Thus, it may be necessary to perform mesh-to-mesh projection onto the mechanical mesh. In this paper, a 2D Ritz-Galerkin mesh-to-mesh projection is performed with a 12S10P Surface Permanent Magnet Machine (SPMSM). Only surface force density is considered. The novelty of the paper is to study the accuracy of this projection with respect to integrated tooth force. The results show that the mesh-to-mesh projection could be inaccurate in the tangential direction while accurate in the radial direction.

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