EOMYS provides engineering consulting services on the control of magnetic noise and vibrations at all design stages of electrical systems (rotating machines and passive components). Consulting services may include analytic work, numerical modelling and simulation based on Manatee software, experimental measurements and test data interpretations. Consultancy services may include software development,  leasing licenses of Manatee software, customized technical trainings, or audits of simulation and testing methodologies. Deliverables may include technical reports, scripts or software files.

Engineering consultants work in team at EOMYS office, but may travel for field tests or in person technical workshops.

Consulting services are generally performed through the following steps:

  • first contact meeting
  • NDA signature and exchange of further technical data
  • writing of a detailed Technical Appendix (State Of Work)
  • writing of a commercial offer with fixed-rate workpackages
  • PO release
  • input data reception
  • start of the consulting work
  • work progress meetings
  • validation of final deliverables
  • closure meeting

To discuss the scope of a customized consulting project, please use the contact webpage to organize a first contact meeting with our e-NVH engineers. Alternatively, some predefined consulting services such as “e-NVH test data analysis” or “e-NVH mitigation flash plan” can also be directly ordered online through our e-NVH training & service purchase website.