Training services

Standard e-NVH trainings

Based on its experience of magnetic noise and vibrations in electrical machines (more than 200 cases analyzed since 2013), EOMYS regularly organizes technical trainings on magnetic noise and vibrations induced by electrical machines operation for both electrical, mechanical and NVH test engineers.

Trainings on Manatee e-NVH software specialized in e-NVH simulation and control are also proposed on demand.

The detailed training content, sessions calendar and registration process for these regular standard trainings, can be accessed at Private technical talks and training material downloads are also proposed.

Customized trainings and workshops

EOMYS can also provide customized trainings or on-site technical workshops. These special training sessions are the opportunity to increase internal communication of engineering departments involved in the development of electrical systems, organize a factory and test facility tour, and benefit from a complete audit of manufacturing, simulation and testing methodologies with respect to e-NVH challenges.