[ISEF] Effect of the load angle on radial and tangential magnetic forces in Permanent Magnet Synchronous Machines

AuthorsEmile Devillers ; Jean Le Besnerais ; Michel Hecquet ; Jean-Philippe Lecointe
StatusSubmitted to : ISEF 2017
Date14-16 September 2017
Keywordspermanent magnet synchronous machines, electromagnetic forces, acoustic noise, vibrations.


TThis paper studies the effect of the load angle on the harmonics of magnetic forces in surface permanent magnet synchronous machines (SPMSM). The purpose is to determine a load angle that both maximize torque and minimize the other harmonic forces to potentially reduce the audible noise and vibration level due to Maxwell forces. The study is carried on the SPMSM with a low torque/high speed machine with 6 stator slots and 2 pole pairs (high speed compressor application). Subdomain semi-analytical modeling technique is used to calculate magnetic forces and favorably compared to finite elements. It is shown that the load angle which maximizes torque does not maximize nor minimize any harmonic magnetic forces.

Preprint and full paper

The preprint can be found here:

Effect of the load angle on radial and tangential magnetic force harmonics in PMSM


This analysis has been carried using MANATEE software.