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e-NVH in aeronautic applications

With the more electric aircraft trend, hydraulic actuators are increasingly replaced by electric actuators and more electrical systems (actuators, generators, power converters) are present on board. These electrical components can

e-NVH in medical appliances

Electrical systems involved in medical appliances must be particularly quiet. They can be source of parasitic vibrations during surgery operations, as well as acoustic annoyances during stay in hospital. As

e-NVH in home appliances

Home appliances can include various types of electromagnetic excitations, resulting in magnetic noise and vibrations. Consumer goods contain numerous electronic systems. They operate close from the users, in a low

April 2022 news: Manatee V2.2 freshly released

Manatee software news The latest version of Manatee software has been freshly released. In addition to the existing features and modules for electrical and mechanical engineers, Version 2.2 is now