[CFA] Sound quality optimization of electric powertrains for e-mobility applications

AuthorsJ. Le Besnerais, C. Dendiviel, M. Regniez, P. Boussard
StatusPublished in: CFA2018 Proceedings
KeywordsPsychoacoustics, electric powertrain, sound quality, simulation software


Improving the sound quality analysis of electrified powertrains requires to evaluate the electromagnetically-excited acoustic noise and the resulting psychoacoustic metrics including parasitic aerodynamic and mechanical noise sources. This article presents how to couple MANATEE software, specialized in the fast assessment of electromagnetically-excited noise radiated by electrical machines, and LEA software, specialized in sound design and sound quality metrics. Experimental measurements of the sound radiated by an electric powertrain are carried and electromagnetic, aerodynamic, mechanical noise sources are separated. Some control and design parameters of the electric motor are changed and the overall noise is resynthesized to investigate their effect on sound quality.

Preprint and full paper

The oral presentation including sound files is available here

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Vibroacoustic analysis of this paper has been run with MANATEE software. Its sound synthesis feature can also be used to carry sound quality calculations.