April 2022 news: Manatee V2.2 freshly released

Manatee software news


The latest version of Manatee software has been freshly released. In addition to the existing features and modules for electrical and mechanical engineers, Version 2.2 is now also specifically addressing acoustic engineers involved in the design of electrical systems. Sound Pressure Level and Sound Quality metrics help to further analyse the noise of the electrical machine.
V2.2 comes with the following additional features:

  • Manatee now simulates voltage-driven induction machines under load with quick magnetic models or FEA approaches,
  • A dedicated GUI enables to quickly define a parameter sweep to find the optimal skew pattern with the best tradeoff between noise minimization and torque maximization.

EOMYS is naturally pursuing the development of Manatee pioneering e-NVH software designed for all engineers involved in the development of electrical machines and drives. Version 2.3 is coming throughout 2022!

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Manatee software features

Some work has been done to document the new features added to the software. All the detailed information and descriptions are therefore available on the Manatee software website, with a redesigned complete overview.

Pierre Bonneel also presented the upcoming roadmap for Manatee during the last Manatee e-NVH Application Days, including the planned work for 2022.

Manatee roadmap
Manatee roadmap

Review Manatee e-NVH Application Days

Many interested people participated to Manatee e-NVH Application Days. Enriching discussions and Manatee software demonstrations on the e-machines of selected participants were part of the agenda. We were very pleased about this attendance and thank all participants for their interest.

Did you miss the event? The recordings of the presentations are available on our YouTube channel.


Technical article series on LinkedIn

Since a few weeks, we have been publishing weekly technical articles on various e-NVH topics on our LinkedIn company page. Check it out regularly, it’s worth it!
You can have a look at last week’s article here.


e-NVH article of the month

The article of the month is
Liu, M.; Zou, J.; Xu, Y.; Lan, H.; Yu, G. Vibration Enhancement or Weakening Effect Caused by Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor Radial and Tangential Force Formed by Tooth Harmonics. Energies 2022, 15, 744.

The slot modulation effect is known to be responsible for the noisy behaviour of 12s10p PMSM, as a r=2 force wavenumber is produced by the fundamental field. This article shows that the 12s14p alternative PMSM, which also contains a strong slot modulation effect with r=2, has lower vibration and noise compared to 12s10p. This is because the r=2 deformation is produced by both radial and tangential magnetic forces, so the relative phase angle plays a significant role in vibration generation. In the 12s14p this phase angle is different and significantly reduces the amplitude of the r=2 force wave, resulting in lower vibration.

This shows that a strong modulation effect of the fundamental field does not always lead to high magnetic vibration and noise at twice the electrical frequency – a new subtlety of e-NVH physics! Fortunately, this effect is naturally included in Manatee software calculation algorithms.

Comparison of 12s10p and 12s14p magnetic vibration spectra
Comparison of 12s10p and 12s14p magnetic vibration spectra

Last e-NVH online training before summer holidays

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