News: Manatee software roadmap, new services offer in 2024, e-NVH live events

Manatee e-NVH software news

2024 is an important year for the development of Manatee. This March V2.3 release includes the “batch mode” version of Manatee, to call Manatee e-NVH algorithms from a third party optimization loop and perform massive parallel calculations on HPC. This release also includes improved stability through a better usage of memory, a new interface for user-defined simulation workflows, the possibility to model uneven magnetization, and increased flexibility in data keepers set-up (e.g. plot of H48 vibration on specific structural node in the torque/speed plane, use of a specific Operating Point in the design optimization set-up).

Manatee V2.4 release will improve interoperability with improved GUI for electrical machine definition and modal basis import, import/export options for new CAE software and new features in the Magnetic Frequency Signature Analysis tool.

Manatee Summer V2.5 release is dedicated to Control Engineers with the possibility to run PWM voltage driven simulations without significant increase of computing time, or to run Maximum Torque Per Ampere strategy.

New services offer in 2024

In 2024 EOMYS reorganizes its offer of services to provide:

Manatee software long-term leasing licences:

  • with access to Manatee CAE collaborative platform to ease collaboration between electrical, mechanical and NVH engineers, and accelerate the development of your low noise electric drive,
  • coming with exclusive e-NVH support by our e-NVH engineers,
  • including a customized training on your electric machine application.

Manatee-based e-NVH consulting services:

  • benefit from our experience of +200 magnetic noise problem solving through fixed-rate consulting work packages by our e-NVH engineers using Manatee technology,
  • along with a short-term Manatee leasing licence to investigate further noise control techniques, post-process more simulation data or troubleshoot and solve other noise & vibration problems.

Manatee-based e-NVH training services to learn:

  • about the physics of magnetic noise and vibrations illustrated with Manatee software,
  • on the most relevant noise reduction techniques applied to your design using Manatee software,
  • how to run a test campaign and interpret experimental data with our e-NVH engineers,
  • how to improve your simulation toolchain and methodologies using Manatee software.
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New on LinkedIn: Live series

Since the beginning of January, EOMYS has launched a LinkedIn Live series. This is dedicated to different topics all around e-NVH in electric drives and their analysis and troubleshooting with Manatee software. Most simulations are run live and questions can be answered live too.

The LinkedIn Live events that have already passed are still accessible on our LinkedIn feed.  

To make sure you don’t miss the next dates, please follow our LinkedIn page. You can also let us know which topics you would be particularly interested in by contacting us under contact[at]!