February 2023 news: major release of Manatee V2.2.4, on-site e-NVH training is back

Manatee e-NVH software news

Manatee 2.2.4 release

Mid-February, the IT team of Eomys was able to release an essential new version of Manatee, V2.2.4. Simply numbering new features may hide the importance of the work that has been done, this new release really packs a lot of power!

Completely new tools for noise reduction have been developed with performance and flexibility levels that go much further.

Multi-objective Optimization allows to identify the most promising e-machine designs more quickly. It is therefore easier to find the electric machine with the lowest noise at constant torque by changing the geometrical parameters of the magnetic circuit. Optimization evaluates user-defined metrics of many designs, but a single perfect design does not exist : compromises must be made, and design explorer tool included in Manatee helps screening the design space and choosing a final design.

To go even further, it is now possible to quickly simulate non-sinusoidal currents which allow to better consider the real supply of the machine. It is a step further towards Manatee V2.3 (release including experimental test data).

We now offer an integrated solution for noise reduction by Harmonic Current Injection. From an existing simulation, Manatee analyzes the results and automatically define an optimization on the current injection to reduce the noise while maintaining the torque.

Focus feature: Multi-objective Optimization

Manatee e-NVH software comes with a multi-objective optimization environment of e-machine magnetic circuit design variables. Default solver is NSGA-II genetic algorithm. Design variables include geometrical parameters from magnetic circuit templates (such as slot shape, notch shape, magnet pocket shape, skew rate), as well as winding design (coil pitch), rotor skew, or current harmonics.

More information and pictures are on Manatee website. 

Focus feature: User-defined Harmonic Currents

Manatee e-NVH software allows to add user-defined current harmonics to a current-driven simulation at a single Operating Point. These harmonics can be defined in DQH or ABC reference frames, by giving the amplitude and the phase. It is possible to preview the final current waveform as a function of time or frequency. Parameter sweep on the amplitude or the phase of a harmonic is available as well.

More information and pictures are on Manatee website. 

Focus feature: Harmonic Current Injection

Manatee e-NVH solutions include Harmonic Current Injection (HCI) environment designed to quickly mitigate magnetic noise and vibration produced by electric machines through optimal harmonic current injection. This environment automatically creates an optimization problem of current harmonics parameters (amplitude and phase, in DQ frame for synchronous machines) on the noisiest operating point of reference simulation to reduce noise and vibrations while maintaining an acceptable level of efficiency.

More information and pictures are on Manatee website. 

Next face-to-face e-NVH training

After a break of almost 3 years, our e-NVH on-site training is finally back!

We have planned two sessions in 2023 and the first session will take place in May 2023, 23-25, in Lille, France. We have chosen a special place for this event, where you can stay and participate in the training at the same time. Only a few meters away from our offices, with very good transport connections, this means maximum comfort for our participants!

The whole team of Eomys is very happy to offer training in direct contact again because face-to-face conversations are precious to us. We are impatiently awaiting your enrollment! For any further information and registration please go to our training website or contact us for any question or need of quotation.