April 2023 : Manatee Webinar

Webinar April 2023, 20

Manatee 2.2.4 e-NVH CAE collaborative platform: latest features demo & live tutorials

In February 2023, Eomys implemented a major new release of Manatee software: V2.2.4. This version integrates completely new tools for e-NVH analysis & mitigation.

Since its first version and until today, Manatee is the only collaborative CAE platform specialized in the assessment and control of acoustic noise and vibrations due to Maxwell forces (“e-NVH”) at all design stages of electrical systems. Manatee software platform is designed for electrical, mechanical, and acoustic engineers, all involved in the conception of high-performing electric motors with NVH requirements.

After almost two years since passed webinars, an extremely high level of time and development effort has been invested in the software to further drive this pioneering platform and, above all, to meet the rapidly evolving needs of the electric motor manufacturing industry.

So it has been the perfect time to give a detailed and freely accessible demonstration of the latest Manatee software version, for which no comparable other software suite is available on the market. The demonstration has been offered in a tutorial style. 

Webinar agenda:

Live e-NVH simulation of Jaguar i-Pace electric drive unit in detailed design phase

  • Illustration of Manatee e-NVH root cause analysis tools
  • Application of multi objective optimization to rotor notching technique
  • Harmonic Current Injection environment

Live e-NHV simulation of a railway induction traction motor in early design phase

  • Illustration of slotting effects
  • Application of parameter sweep to slot opening optimization
  • Skew optimization environment

Presentation of ongoing developments