November 2022 news: Manatee application at different design stages and e-NVH impact of skewing

Manatee e-NVH software news

How to apply Manatee at different design phases of e-powertrain?

Manatee V2 means “Magnetic Noise Analysis Tool for Every Engineer”: Manatee V2 is now a collaborative CAE platform that can be used by electrical, mechanical, and NVH engineers to speed up the development of low-noise electric drives, and reduce prototyping costs. Manatee can be employed at various design stages and system level as illustrated by the following graph:

– design iterations on magnetic circuit and control by electrical engineers at e-machine level
– design iterations on e-machine integration by mechanical engineers at powertrain level
– design iterations on EDU integration by NVH engineers at vehicle level
– design iterations on acoustic packaging by NVH engineers at vehicle level

Gear whine import

Manatee software now allows importing of non-magnetic noise sources calculated by third-party solvers, for instance, gear whine due to mechanical forces calculated inside Romax. NVH engineers can therefore combine magnetic noise with other sources of noise to check NVH requirements at system level all along the development lifecycle. This feature also prepares the possibility to compare noise and vibration tests and simulations in Manatee V2.3.

Skewing impact on NVH

Skewing is a well-known noise reduction technique widely used during electrical machine design. It is often used to reduce cogging torque, but the optimal skew pattern to reduce cogging torque may not be the one to reduce noise and vibrations. Besides, skewing can produce additional force waves that can excite new structural modes at higher speeds (torsional or bending modes).  This animation from Manatee software shows the magnetic force waves observed by the rotor structure when using the optimal skew angle for cogging torque reduction.

Practical e-NVH measurement workshop postponed

For organizational reasons, the next e-NVH measurement workshop has to be postponed to 17 January 2023.

During the workshop, the main noise radiation causes of an electric motor due to magnetic forces will be explained to participants by using dedicated measurement techniques such as spectrogram, order tracking, operational deflection shape, spatiogram, and others. 

Please register here. 

For any further questions, just feel free to reach out.

e-NVH Training sessions beginning 2023

Right at the beginning of the year, we are planning two training sessions for our complete e-NVH Training. 

In January 2023, Eomys offers an online training session with specific scheduling, especially focused on far away time zones, such as the US West Coast, to ease their participation. But these timings also work for other geographical regions of course, such as Europe, the US East Coast, etc. 

Additionally, we offer this session with a different module split: as usual, each module lasts 3 hours in total but will be presented on two successive days (1.5 hours on the first day, 1.5 hours on the second). 

To learn more about this organization, please visit our training website. 

In March 2023, our e-NVH training on-site will finally be back! The event is planned for March 2023, 14-16, in Lille, France. 

The whole team of Eomys is very happy to offer in-person training again because live exchanges are precious to us. Registration is possible as usual on our training website or please get in touch with us directly. 

You are surely aware that noisy e-machines can generate important collateral costs. Based on our experience these costs can rise up to 700 000€! So start the new year with a great package of technical knowledge and know-how to avoid unpleasant surprises in 2023.