InVAESTS: Innovative Vibro-Acoustic Electrical Testbench & Software

EOMYS development project called InVAESTS, supported by the industrial cluster MEDEE, was selected by the French Hauts de France Region to benefit from European funds REACT-EU. REACT-EU aims to bridge the gap between the immediate emergency response in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic and its social consequences, and long-term recovery. InVAESTS project was chosen based on its ability to support a resilient, ecological and numerical recovery of the economy.

InVAESTS program aims at supporting EOMYS activities, based in the North of France, in the field of acoustic noise and vibration of electrical machines through several axis :

  • development and validation of Manatee software digital twin functionalities, focusing on mechanical & magnetic model fitting with experiments
  • development of an electrical and vibro-acoustic testbench in collaboration with TECH3E platform hosted by LSEE laboratory in Béthune
  • development of Pyleecan open-source software, and manufacturing of electrical machine prototype as open-source hardware to boost reproducible science in electrical engineering