Technical notes on magnetic noise and vibrations

Welcome to EOMYS e-NVH University ! You will find here a wide number of technical notes on magnetic noise and vibrations of electrical machines based on EOMYS Engineering consulting, testing, simulation and research experience. Interested to know more ? Check our training website for e-NVH courses.

What is the effect of temperature on e-NVH?

Impact on excitations Temperature can first influence electromagnetic excitations (e.g. slotting harmonics) responsible for magnetic noise in electric machines. It is already known that cogging torque varies with temperature due

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What is acoustic loudness?

Context There are differences between sound parameters we measure physically and the sound perception we have as humans. For instance, we are used to describe the loudness of a sound

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What is psychoacoustics?

Context Hearing is a cognitive phenomenon : auditive perception can be improved with experience, but it can also diminish with age, hearing fatigue or traumatism. Perception varies from a person

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What is masking effect?

Definition Some sounds may no longer be perceived when combined with an additional sound: this effect is called masking. There are two forms of masking : spectral and temporal. Spectral

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What is tooth modulation effect?

Definition Mechanical slot modulation effect, also called tooth sampling effect, refers to the fact that airgap magnetic stress waves are “sampled” when converted to physical magnetic forces applied to stator

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