e-NVH benchmark


This article presents the e-NVH testbench developped by EOMYS in collaboration with L2EP and LSEE laboratories. The aim of this tesbench is to provide an “open source” testbed illustrating of a simple electrical machine excited by magnetic forces to be used for reproducible science in the field of e-motor vibroacoustics and especially EV HEV NVH. Data presented in this article can be used to compare different testing methods or different simulation methods for noise and vibration due to electromagnetic forces. Test data and simulation output data should be provided as much as possible in non-proprietary readable format (.unv, .txt, .csv). Each dataset will be published in the open data repository Zenodo allowing clean versioning and referencing.


The testbench will be also used to illustrate the following e-NVH effects:

Experimental results

  • Geometrical tests:
    1. Eccentricity measurements
    2. Stator bore radius roundness
    3. Rotor mechanical balancing
  • Electric tests:
    1. Inducted voltage in open-circuit conditions
    2. Voltage / current spectrograms in closed circuit conditions
  • Magnetic tests:
    1. B(H) curve of lamination
    2. Rotor magnetization measurements
    3. Cogging torque / torque ripple measurements
    4. Unbalanced Magnetic Pull / axial magnetic thrust
    5. Operational Force Shapes in open-circuit conditions
    6. Airgap radial flux distribution in open-circuit conditions
  • Structural tests:
    1. Experimental Modal Analysis of the stator stack
    2. Experimental Modal Analysis of the rotor
    3. Experimental Modal Analysis of the testbed
    4. Tooth / Wave Frequency Response Functions
    5. Vibration measurements in open-circuit conditions, including spectrograms & spatiograms
    6. Operational Deflection Shapes in open-circuit conditions
    7. Transfer Path Analysis
  • Acoustic tests:
    1. Sound Pressure Level in open-circuit condition
    2. Sound Power Level in open-circuit condition based on intensimetry
    3. Acoustic imaging

Testbench data

Simulation models