e-NVH digest

At Eomys, our NVH R&D engineers regularly post valuable e-NVH overviews on various topics on social networks. For easy access and a fast intake of this useful information, these short presentations are often shown in the form of carousels. The documents are compiled here for a better overview.

13 unique e-NVH post-processing

Manatee e-NVH software offers unique post-processing to understand why an electrical machine is noisy. Discover 13 visualization tools including, among others, the Quick Campbell, the modal force matrix and the

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Force wavenumber vs mode order

Electromagnetic force wavenumber and mechanical structure mode order are sometimes confused when applying eNVH theory to predict noise and vibration due to magnetic forces in electric motors. Discover the difference

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Numerical challenges of e-NVH simulation

Simulation of magnetic noise and vibrations introduces several numerical challenges that are difficult to answer using general-purpose FEA software. Multiphysic coupling, speed and time discretization and numerical noise challenges are

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