[HBK’s Product Physics Conference 20] Impact of electric motor asymmetries on e-NVH – tolerance studies based on EM test and simulation

EOMYS contributed to the last HBK’s Product Physics Conference, which took place from October 2020, 13-15 as a virtual event.

Electromagnetic noise and vibrations in e-motors can be significant. Called e-NVH in automotive applications, this phenomenon is generated by magnetic forces related to airgap magnetic field variations inside the electrical machines. Unfortunately, there is no way to measure local magnetic forces occurring inside laminations or at the iron/air interface, neither is there a way to measure local flux distribution inside laminations. Testing must therefore capture e-NVH phenomena through electrical quantities such as phase currents, search coil induced voltage or winding back electromotive force.
This presentation discusses the links between electrical quantities and flux harmonics responsible for magnetic noise, illustrating them using numerical simulation under MANATEE software. This presentation also reviews e-NVH test methodologies based on electrical quantities, focusing on PM synchronous motors topologies.

The presentation prepared by Jean LE BESNERAIS, entitled “Impact of Electric Motors Asymmetries on e-NVH – tolerance studies based on EM test & simulation”, has been broadcasted on October 2020, 13 as part of the “Building Blocks for Electric Power Testing” programme.

You can access the replay of the presentation on our YouTube channel.