Noise of a lifting desk electric motor

Summary of e-NVH sound sample
ApplicationElectrically assisted lifting desk (Ikea®)
Electrical machineGeared BLDC motor (Brose®)
Supply conditionRun-up at max torque under non sinusoidal supply
Noise sourcesElectromagnetic, mechanical
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Measurement set-up

Noise is measured 10 cm away from the right electric motor. The two electric motors run in parallel.

Sound file and spectrograms

The acoustic pressure spectrograms represented below is obtained when running up and down the desk with a Brose motor.

The corresponding sound file is available here:

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E-NVH interpretations

This sound file illustrates electromagnetically-excited noise of a small electric powertrain used for desk lifting. One can hear the combination of electromagnetic and gearbox noise. A low frequency modulation of the electric motor load appears due the modal response of the desk under electric motor excitation.

Application to MANATE

MANATEE software can be used to quickly calculate NVH due to electromagnetic forces both in early design and detailed design phase, including PWM and slotting effects.

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