[NAFEMS 19] Solving challenges of EV HEV NVH simulation – application with MANATEE software

EOMYS speaks at NAFEMS 2019 in Paris (FR) in a seminar entitled “Numerical simulation for electromobility” on 13th November 2019 about Solving challenges of EV HEV NVH simulation – application with MANATEE software and e-NVH open-data testbed. The presentation can be downloaded here:

The efficient virtual prototyping of electric motors requires to quickly and accurately assess their vibration and acoustic noise behavior. With the increasing electrification of actuators in transport applications and the growth of EV/HEV market where Noise, Vibration, Harshness (NVH) requirements are particularly important, one must be able to simulate the variable speed vibroacoustic behaviour of converter-fed electrical machines.

E-motor EV HEV NVH includes mechanical, aerodynamic and electromagnetic noise sources due to magnetic forces, responsible for whine issues in e-powertrains. This presentation presents some key numerical challenges of electrical drives e-NVH simulation at different design stages, and shows how some of these challenges can be solved using hybrid FEA / analytic methodologies such as the ones implemented in MANATEE software.

Besides, a testbed illustrating the phenomena of magnetic noise and vibrations in electric motors is presented to boost applied R&D in e-NVH. The multiphysic testbed is exhaustively tested (electrical, magnetic, structural, acoustic tests) and all test results are provided online in open format. This way, test results can be reused by researchers to validate new EV HEV NVH modelling approaches or to compare different numerical simulation strategies in terms of accuracy and computing time.