[ICEM] Fast prediction of variable-speed acoustic noise due to magnetic forces in electrical machines

AuthorsJean Le Besnerais
StatusPublished in: Electrical Machines (ICEM), 2016 XXII International Conference
Date4-7 Sept. 2016
KeywordsElectrical machines, Acoustic noise, Vibration, Electromagnetic forces, Numerical Simulation


This paper presents a new multiphysic model and simulation environment for the fast calculation and analysis of acoustic noise and vibration levels due to Maxwell forces in variable-speed rotating electrical machines. In the first part, some numerical methods for the prediction of electromagnetic noise are analyzed and compared to analytical or semi analytical techniques. In the second part, a new coupling of electrical, electromagnetic and vibro-acoustic models based on analytical and semi-analytical modeling techniques is presented. This model is validated by comparing simulation results to experimental results on several electrical machines at variable speed, including surface permanent magnet (SPMSM), interior permanent magnet (IPMSM) and squirrel cage induction machines (SCIM). The main resonances and noise levels are correctly estimated by the models implemented in MANATEE simulation software, and the calculation time at variable speed varies from one second to a few minutes including harmonics up to 20 kHz.

Preprint and full paper

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Fast Prediction of Variable-Speed Acoustic Noise and Vibrations due to Magnetic Forces in Electrical Machines


[Erratum] The expression of the minimum discretization step to correctly catch a resonance is more complex, it depends on the main magnetic excitation order and thereof of machine parameters.