[ICEM] Pyleecan: an open-source Python object-oriented software for the multiphysic design optimization of electrical machines

AuthorsPierre Bonneel ; Jean Le Besnerais ; Raphaël Pile; Emile Devillers
StatusAccepted in ICEM 2018
Date3-6 Sept. 2018
Keywords Simulation software, Open source, Electrical machines, Design optimization, Multiphysics


This paper presents the first open-source development project for the electromagnetic design optimization of electrical machines and drives named Pyleecan – PYthon Library for Electrical Engineering Computational ANalysis. This paper first details the objectives of Pyleecan open-source development project, and the object-oriented architecture of the software that has been developed and released. Then it reviews and compares the available free and open-source software used during the multiphysic design of electrical machines including electromagnetics, heat transfer and vibro-acoustic analysis.


The paper can be downloaded here: The oral presentation can be downloaded here:

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