Welcome to the “e-NVH Academy” of EOMYS!

In this section you will find online resources dealing with magnetic noise and vibrations in electric motors. e-NVH means “electromagnetically-excited Noise, Vibration and Harshness” or “electrical NVH” to refer to noise and vibration behaviour of electrified systems. A more general term for all applications is “electromagnetically-excited noise and vibrations”.

The aim of these online resources is to provide educational materials for both electrical engineers and NVH test engineers to learn:

the origin of electric motor whining noise and electromagnetically-excited vibrations (e-NVH) the electromagnetic and structural design parameters that are the most influential on electric motor noise and vibrations the noise and vibration reduction techniques which can be applied at design stage or after manufacturing of electrical machines

These resources are parts of EOMYS detailed technical training on magnetic noise and vibrations in electrical machines and passive components. They include:

articles and technical notes on NVH of electrical machines sound samples related to electromagnetic noise videos related to electrical machine noise & vibrations conference materials on e-NVH webinars on vibro-acoustics of electrical machines

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e-NVH cheat sheet

Magnetic noise and vibration process involves several equations involving electromagnetics, structural mechanics, and acoustics.Here is a summary of the main formulas useful for engineers involved in the development of electrical

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13 unique e-NVH post-processing

Manatee e-NVH software offers unique post-processing to understand why an electrical machine is noisy. Discover 13 visualization tools including, among others, the Quick Campbell, the modal force matrix and the

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