[CEFC] Application Limits of the Airgap Maxwell Tensor

AuthorsRaphaël Pile; Guillaume Parent; Emile Devillers; Thomas Henneron; Yvonnick Le Menach; Jean Le Besnerais; Jean-Philippe Lecointe
StatusAccepted: IEEE 18th Biennial Conference on Electromagnetic Field Computations (CEFC2018) to be held in Hangzhou, China, October 28-31, 2018
KeywordsMaxwell Tensor, Magnetic pressure, Electrical machines, Magneto-mechanical, Vibration


In an electrical machine, the Maxwell Tensor is widely used to compute global forces or local pressure along a surface in the air. This communication proposes to highlight the limits of the method with an academic case of slotless stator and rotor. In particular an analytic demonstration shows the existence of coefficients depending on the geometry and the wavenumber between the application of the Maxwell Tensor in the air-gap and the stator magnetic pressure.


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