January 2022 news: noise reduction techniques, new Manatee website, Manatee application days, trainings

Manatee software news

EOMYS team wishes you an enriching new year 2022, with interesting discussions and collaborations both on technical and human side!

At the beginning of this year, a special focus will be made on Manatee software noise reduction techniques.
Rotor skewing is an efficient technique to reduce cogging torque in permanent magnet synchronous machines. Rotor skewing can also help to reduce other electromagnetic forces that can be sources of noise and vibrations, in particular radial pulsating forces. However, the optimal rotor skew configuration that reduces cogging torque has no reason to be the same that will globally reduce noise and vibrations.
Multiphysics simulation is strongly recommended to achieve the optimal skew design.

Manatee software now includes a dedicated skew design environment for default skew patterns (linear, v-shape, zig-zag) with automated parameter sweep on rotor skew angle and easy data visualization thanks to the Design Explorer. The parameter sweep has been efficiently implemented to reduce calculation time. Manatee automatically pre-calculates a Magnetic Look-Up Table to accurately compute variable speed noise level for each rotor skew configuration.

New Manatee website

A few days ago we launched a new website for Manatee software improving navigation and feature visualization. Additional documentation about Manatee software has been uploaded.
Feel free to contact us for any feedback.

Manatee trial licenses

Since January 2022, trial licenses for Manatee software are now available on request.
The release of trial versions aims at providing a user experience of Manatee unique Graphical User Interface smoothly integrating simulation set-up, run and post processing. Trial users will have the opportunity to draw their own machine, by testing the dxf import feature for instance.
However, simulations with the trial version are limited to the following predefined machine topologies:

  • SCIM (Tesla & Audi automotive traction motors),
  • IPMSM (Toyota & BMW automotive traction motors).
  • SPMSM (industrial pump & turbocharger applications),

Finally, each trial license will permit:

  • to draw your own machine,
  • to run simulations based on one of the predefined machines listed above,
  • to apply design variations of the predefined machines, e.g. using Parameter Sweep
  • to apply noise reduction techniques based on one of the predefined machines listed above.

We are grateful for any feedback, which might help us to further develop and improve the software.

Manatee e-NVH Application Days

EOMYS is planning a very special event for the beginning of April: the “Manatee e-NVH Application Days” which will last two days. This special event will be about Manatee software applied to industrial application cases, and will also include an informative, more theoretical part related to e-NVH.

During the first day, our participants will be able to benefit from a free introduction to e-NVH topic. Furthermore, two live demonstrations will be shown, on the same day but at different times, and with different scenarios.

During the second day, it will be possible to have a customized software demonstration on your own electrical machine, with detailed interpretations by our experienced R&D consultants. These private demonstrations by e-NVH experts will be upon application and can include a common NDA, set up in advance.

Open round tables, as well as private chat rooms, will also be offered online so that any interested person can join at any time and discuss its noise & vibration issues in electrical machines (physics, simulation, testing…).

More detailed information will be sent out very soon, so keep an eye on your e-mail inbox.

e-NVH Training and e-NVH measurement workshop

Due to the current difficult sanitary situation, we have had to postpone our English spoken e-NVH measurement workshop from February 2nd. The new date is now March 29th, we hope for numerous registrations. Participants who were scheduled for February 2nd will automatically get their places for March 29th.

There are also two complete e-NVH online training series scheduled until the summer break, please register for the period that suits you best: during the month of March or the month of June. We look forward to welcoming you.

e-NVH sound library

On the occasion of the 19th edition of “La Semaine du Son de l’UNESCO” (“Sound Week”), organized from January 16th to February 1st, EOMYS has published its library of electric machine sounds on YouTube. Browsing through this playlist allows you to realize the wide range of applications of electrical machines: from electric mobility to household applications and electric power supply.