May 2022 news: EOMYS 9th anniversary, root cause analysis & design explorer

EOMYS Engineering 9th anniversary

On 23rd of May, it has been 9 years since our engineering team is working to troubleshoot and solve of magnetic noise & vibration problems at all design stages of electrical systems! In a few numbers, this means:



Manatee software news


Manatee software offers powerful tools to identify the root cause of e-NVH issues. One of these tools is the linear contribution plot which allows to quickly visualize the linear contribution of each magnetic Load Case to the overall noise or vibration levels, which is expressed in percentage. The contribution plot can be used by mechanical engineers to easily identify the root cause of the e-NVH issue, whether it is airborne or structure-borne, induced by radial or circumferential forces. As an example, the contribution of torque ripple or Unbalance Magnetic Pull applied to stator or rotor can be clearly estimated at each operating speed.


Zoom on Manatee feature: Design Explorer

How to select the final best design when you’ve run calculations on hundreds of different electric machines while looking at several objectives such as torque, torque ripple and noise level?
Manatee software comes with a powerful Design Explorer feature to visualize the results of your parameter sweeps or optimizations. You can view your multiphysic simulation output data in different subspaces and apply some user-defined filters on design variables, response variables and constraints.

To learn more, please watch our feature video.

Eomys at Speedam meeting 2022, Italy

Eomys will be present at the next Speedam meeting 2022, Sorrento, Italy, June 22-24. Jean Le Besnerais will offer a tutorial and a practical workshop here. We hope to meet a large number of participants!

Workshop on 22 June 2023 PM (1h)

« Electromagnetic noise & vibrations in electrical machines & drives – live demonstration of Manatee e-NVH software »

This workshop* presents Manatee software, specialized in the assessment & control of magnetic noise and vibrations at all design stages of electrical systems, from e-machine concept phase to system-level validation phase. Manatee software provides a unique entry point for electrical, mechanical and acoustic engineers to shorten the development cycle of electrical machines and reduce prototyping costs. This live demonstration will demonstrate different features of Manatee on a 48s8p IPMSM, 10s12p SPMSM and 36s28r6p IM.
Registration is mandatory (max 15 persons).

All registrants have access to a two-week free demo of Manatee software.

Tutorial on 23 June 2023 PM (1h30)

« How to design a quiet electrical machine? A review of best electrical engineering magnetic noise control techniques »

This tutorial* recalls the causal chain of electromagnetic noise generation, from electromagnetic field to sound pressure field, focusing on acoustic noise due to stator yoke vibrations in Permanent Magnet Synchronous Machines. The most influential electromagnetic design variables on magnetic force harmonics are then reviewed (e.g. slot/pole combination, winding type, pole shape, slot opening) as well as the main force cancelling techniques to be applied after prototyping (e.g. skewing, notching) by electrical engineers. Finally, the best simulation methodology to include magnetic noise and vibrations all design stage is discussed from the electrical engineer’s point of view.

*The registration procedure is implemented on the registration site of Speedam and can be accessed only through the Speedam account page of the participants.


Eomys at ISNVH 2022, Austria

At the same time as Speedam in Italy, Eomys will be present at the next ISNVH 2022 in Graz, Austria, June 22-24 with its own booth. We will be happy to provide you with information and take the opportunity to discuss with attendees, Manatee software demonstrations are of course possible as well!


Technical article of the month

The article of the month studies on the effect of tangential magnetic forces in PMSM: H. Lan, J. Zou, Y. Xu and M. Liu, “Effect of Local Tangential Force on Vibration Performance in Fractional-Slot Concentrated Winding Permanent Magnet Synchronous Machines,” in IEEE Transactions on Energy Conversion, vol. 34, no. 2, pp. 1082-1093, June 2019.

The fact that tangential forces cannot be neglected in synchronous machine vibroacoustics is not new (Garvey et al. wrote an article entitled “Tangential forces matter” in 1999). This recent article analyzes the contribution of radial and tangential forces to magnetic vibration in 12s10p PMSM, showing that tangential forces can produce similar levels of magnetic vibration and noise compared to radial forces. This effect can be easily studied using Manatee software, especially with the Load Case contribution plot.
This shows how important it is to build a realistic 3D FEA mechanical model with the right winding properties in order to correctly describe tooth bending motion under tangential forces when looking for an accurate virtual prototyping model. These winding properties cannot be set arbitrarily and Experimental Modal Analysis is highly advised – EOMYS can help you to run these tests and build a reliable digital twin of your electrical system.